A Guide to Using the Internet for Seniors

Kids today have grown up with the internet and smart technology from day one, so they seem to have an almost intuitive ability to pick up any kind of technology. But older generations may still be reluctant to adopt certain technologies as they were only introduced to them much later in life. If you want to make more use of the internet, or are encouraging a senior relative to do so, then here are some quick tips for you.

Assistive technology like screen readers for seniors with low vision, accessibility for low mobility

The benefits of going online

Using the internet can do a lot of good for seniors, including making it easier for them to stay in touch with their kids, grandkids, and other friends and family, even if they live halfway around the world. Technology can also be used to keep seniors safe, such as with medical alert devices, and allow them to pick up hobbies and pursue other interests.

Online accessibility

The internet is gradually becoming a more accessible place, as new technologies help to make it easier for everyone to go online, and companies are being encouraged to ensure that their websites are accessible. For seniors with low vision, accessible websites give the option to increase text size to make web content easier to read, and is also screen reader technology, which scans a page for you and reads it out loud, including describing imagery on the page.

Low mobility issues could also make using the web more difficult, such as arthritis that affects the hand and wrist, making it more difficult to use a mouse. Using just the keyboard to navigate is one solution for these people, and there are even eye-tracking devices that allow you to navigate using your eye and head movement. Voice devices such as Amazon’s Alexa can also be used to access information online without having to use a mouse or keyboard.

Staying safe online

If you or a senior loved one are not well-versed with the internet, then it can be easy to fall into scams or end up on harmful sites that can spread a computer virus. Some simple education on this topic can help seniors stay safe online. The most basic tip that everyone should know is not to click on links that you don’t trust, especially ones that you receive in an email or text message, and don’t give out personal details online, such as your home address or bank details. Here are some more tips to help you or a relative stay safe online.

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