Funeral Pre-Planning Tips

It may not be a nice topic to think about, but it’s still an important one. Just like creating a will earlier in your adult life, it’s a good idea to make some plans or even more concrete arrangements for after you pass. Funeral pre-arrangements help to take some of the stress and pressure off your close relatives when you do pass away, making things slightly easier for them during a very difficult time.

If you’re looking into funeral pre-planning, then here are some key things to consider.

Planning your service

Think about the kind of send-off you’d want. Do you want a traditional funeral or something a little different? Would you prefer to be buried or cremated? Open casket or closed casket? Are there any religious considerations to factor into your funeral?

You can even go so far as planning what kind of flowers you want at the funeral/wake, what music you want to be played, the setting or decorations, and any displays such as photos from all the great moments of your life. Funerals or wakes can be just as much a celebration of someone’s life as they are a mournful occasion about their passing, so think about the kind of experience you want your loved ones to create in your absence.

Comparing funeral homes

You may want to look around local funeral homes to decide where you want your affairs and funeral to be handled. Do some research to compare prices and services, allowing you to select somewhere that suits both your preferences and budget. You could do as little as deciding on a funeral home and stating your decision in your will, or you can actually plan and book with them far in advance.

Is pre-payment an option?

While your loved ones are in mourning, they may also be facing the difficult situation of finding the finances to plan and pay for your funeral. If it’s within your means, pre-paying for your funeral during your life can help to take some of the pressure off your loved ones after you pass. You can even pay in installments over a longer period of time to spread out some of the financial burden.

It’s also a good idea to decide what you would want to do if you can no longer care for yourself later in life. Conditions like dementia may make it difficult for you to make these decisions and arrange your care, again putting the pressure on your family. You can talk to your children or other close family members to let them know what kind of care you’d like if needed, and even where you’d like to stay if you require senior living accommodation.

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