How Can Technology Help You Age Independently?

Technology has been moving at an extremely fast pace over the last couple of decades. While kids seem to adopt new technology as easily as they learn to talk, it can be harder for older adults to keep up with new developments and devices. But seniors shouldn’t be resistant to change and to the fast-moving world of technology – it can actually help them stay connected, stay safe, and maintain their independence as they age.

Here are some types of technology and smart devices that can help seniors, particularly those who live alone.

Medical alert bracelets

A senior may need immediate care if they fall and hurt themselves or suffer from something like a stroke or a heart attack. Obviously, immediate care can be available if the senior has an in-home carer or moves to an assisted living community, but some older adults prefer to stay in their own home.

This choice is much safer with the introduction of a medical alert bracelet. This wearable tech triggers in response to certain events, such as a drop in heart rate, or can be triggered manually by the user if they have fallen, for example. This allows the relevant people to be contacted so that help can be arranged.

Fitness trackers

We tend to get an increasing number of ailments and health risks as we get older, so it’s important to look after and monitor your health in your senior years. Wearable fitness trackers make this easy to do. Fitness devices track a number of things, including heart rate, sleep patterns, and number of steps or amount of activity in general. This makes it easier to be aware of how active you are and monitor certain aspects of your health, like your heart rate.

Smartphone apps

There’s a smartphone app for pretty much everything you can think of, so there are lots of useful tools for seniors. Apps can help with health, such as medication management and tracking what you eat or finding new recipes. They can help you stay in touch through messaging and video calling family members. They can keep your brain sharp with puzzles and brain training. And there are lots of fun gaming apps to keep you entertained.

Home assistants

Smart home assistants like Amazon Alexa make home automation so much easier, helping seniors retain their independence in their homes. Voice assistants can be connected with smart devices like lights and your home security system, allowing you to control them using just your voice. This is ideal for seniors with low mobility. You can also use voice assistants for information such as weather forecasts and news updates, as well as a variety of other things.

Whether you choose to stay at home as you age or move into senior living, technology is helping us retain our independence as we age. Contact Brookstone Terrace of Woodruff to find out about our senior living and assisted living options in Woodruff, SC.