Tips for Maintaining Your Independence as You Age

One of the upsetting things about aging is when you can no longer do what you want or go where you want, whenever you want. As our physical and cognitive abilities start to decline, we start to lose some of our independence, even though retirement should be the point in our lives when we have the most freedom.

Losing your independence isn’t an inevitability, though. Doing certain things can help you maintain your independence as much as possible as you age.

Look after yourself

If you can maintain good health as you age, then this goes a long way toward maintaining your independence. Staying active will help to keep your bones strong and your muscles and core strength stable. All of this makes falls less likely, decreases your risk of serious injury in the event of a fall, and helps you maintain your mobility and flexibility. Eating a balanced diet will also help to maintain your bone strength along with various other physical benefits.

Maintaining your cognitive health is also important, so don’t forget to challenge your brain as well as your body. Keeping your brain active can reduce cognitive decline and help to prevent conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Utilize technology

If you require a low level of care in your senior years, then technology may be able to provide it for you. A medical alert system is particularly beneficial, ensuring that you can easily access the help you need in case of an emergency. Voice technology can also help you increase your independence if you have mobility issues. For example, if it is difficult for you to keep getting in and out of bed for various reasons, you can use a voice assistant to do things for you, such as turn off the lights.

Adapt where you live

Just because your needs change as you age, doesn’t mean you can’t live independently. Moving home or adapting your current home can help you to continue living by yourself, if that’s what you prefer. This may involve moving to a house with only one story or installing a stairlift in your current home. Installing grab bars around your home can also help you to get around by yourself more easily and prevent trips and falls.

Moving into an independent living facility is a great way of having support and services on hand when you need them without compromising your independence.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Don’t let your pride get in the way of living your best life in your senior years. If you need a bit of help around the house or support with getting to your appointments, then ask a loved one or get support from a care worker. You could, for example, have a carer visit your home once a week to help with chores and to address any other needs you have. That little bit of help can help you live independently the rest of the time.

If you think assisted living is right for you or a loved one in need of care, then contact us at Brookstone of Woodruff to find out more about our community.