Trip and Fall Prevention for Seniors

Slipping, falling, and tripping become more of a risk when we enter our senior years. Injury is more likely to occur because our bones usually become more brittle as we age, making fractures more common. Seniors may also find it more difficult to get back up after a fall due to mobility issues, which can be frightening and dangerous if they live alone and are not in reach of a phone or medical alert device.

Read on for some simple ways to help yourself or your loved ones prevent trips and falls in their own home.

Non-slip floors

Potentially slippery floors like laminate and tile make falls more of a risk, especially in bathrooms where the floor often gets wet. Installing textured tiles makes slipping less of a risk as opposed to glossy, polished flooring materials. Or, instead of redoing the entire floor, you can simply apply non-slip stickers over your existing floor. These textured stickers are also a good idea for the base of your shower or bath to prevent slipping while bathing.

Grab rails

Grab rails assist independent movement for seniors with mobility problems. They make it easier to stand up from a sitting position, and vice versa. But they can also help to prevent trips and falls by aiding your balance. Grab rails are especially advised in the bathroom where surfaces can be wet and slippery. Tactically positioned, grab rails can make it easier and safer to step out of the bathtub or get up off the toilet, for example.

Maintain a healthy diet

If you don’t eat enough or are not getting enough of the right vitamins and minerals, then you might find yourself feeling weak and lightheaded more often. This can make you more prone to falling. Eating right will also help to maintain your bone strength, making serious injury less likely if a fall does occur. In particular, make sure you get plenty of calcium and vitamin D.

Maintain your strength

Staying active in your senior years helps to build and maintain muscle strength, which helps to improve your balance and reduce the risk of falls. Core strength is particularly important for balance, which is why activities like gentle yoga can be extremely beneficial. Even walking on a regular basis can help to maintain your muscle strength.

Healthy eyes and ears

Your hearing also plays a big part in balance, but our hearing often deteriorates as we age. Make sure you regularly get your hearing and eyesight tested so you can get any problems diagnosed and treated. If you already wear glasses, then you should get your eyes tested regularly to keep your prescription up to date. Blurry vision can make it harder to see trip hazards in front of you.

Our assisted living facilities are designed to facilitate mobility and independence for our residents, taking trip and fall prevention into consideration. Get in touch if you want to find out more about assisted living and care at Brookstone Terrace of Woodruff.